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…selling chocolate products for companies and HORECA segment.
We create solutions so that you, the business, grow with us. We have the experience of creating the values of yourself and of all the parties involved in the production and sales process.
For the HORECA segment we create complex solutions. We will prepare a tailor-made offer from the entrance to the hotel, the reception, the offer of hotel rooms (daily attention and minibar), café, restaurant, day and night bar. We will be your one-stop supplier for your branded hotel products. With us you will save time and energy, as a bonus to get a comprehensive offer of the best quality.


My motto is: a man is happy when he deals with an interesting activity that fills him. The one that brings joy, love, meaningfulness and, last but not least, profit. And “chocolate according to the idea” is my “life according to the idea”. The philosophy of the company I have built on originality, elegance and quality underlined by a great service tailored. I want our customers to feel comfortable. We will design a specific business solution for your situation. We will come whenever you need it. We will come when we have something new (and we have it often). And we’ll come because we just want to see you.

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Ondrej Loviška

Ondrej Loviška

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